Sustainable Travel Partner


Fifteen Trees

You understand that we only have one planet and we are all responsible for doing our part to care for it. Whilst travel is a wonderful experience, it does place certain pressures on our environment. We have partnered with a fabulous social enterprise called 'Fifteen Trees' so our travellers and staff can reduce their carbon footprint.

Fifteen Trees coordinate incredible teams of volunteers to plant native trees on your behalf so that you can reduce your carbon footprint. Your trees will be a mixture of gum trees and wattle trees. After a couple of years, these trees will provide homes to native Australian animals such as koalas, possums, owls, bats and a host of invertebrates such as spiders and insects. Seeds from these trees will drop onto the ground to make new trees. The trees you purchase will help grow new areas of native bushland. What’s even better is you will be able to find your trees anytime by typing your name into the search box on the Fifteen Trees website.

We think they are doing an amazing job and when you sign up for a tour and pay your deposit online, you will have an option of offsetting your carbon for a one-way flight, return flight or even your whole tour!

GO Schoolies for Planet Earth!