20 Nov 2021

Celebrate and reward yourself with a meaningful schoolies trip at the end of year 12

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You spoke and we listened – voted number 1 GO Schoolies destination! Go so much further on our USA GO Schoolies tours. We couldn’t stop at one, so you have the choice of two incredible USA tours designed to allow you to go your own way. Satisfy your thirst for exploration and adrenaline in our ‘Coasting in Cali’ tour, or your curiosity and knowledge in our space themed ‘GO Beyond’ tour, all wrapped up in one epic destination!







What better way to relax and recharge after finishing school than by heading to a tropical paradise! Watch the world go by at your very own Fijian style beach house on the stunning Coral Coast. Swimming, watersports, adventure activities, stunning scenery, island bands, bonfires and beach BBQs! Are we there yet???







Vietnam is the perfect yin and yang destination with equal parts relaxation and excitement! From bustling markets and aromatic smells of the street food vendors of Ho Chi Minh in the south, to the awe-inspiring UNESCO world heritage site of Ha Long Bay and ancient capital of Hanoi in the north. Throw in some white sandy beaches with hammocks, swings, snorkeling, kite surfing and even a theme park in the beach resort town of Nha Trang and you have the perfect GO Schoolies recharge recipe!





GO Schoolies Values

GO Reward Yourself GO Celebrate GO Your Own Way GO Make Memories